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Sambar is a climbing and outdoor company, which name is connected with many different activities. Sambar isn't only a main partner and the main organiser of the competition Sambar STEEL (Singing Rock STEEL), but it also is an online and store in Kladno. This brand is also proud to use a rope park in Kladno www.lanackladno.cz and Sambar is a main partner of Climbing Gym Kladno www.stenakladno.cz. Main activities of Sambar are sale of work and sport climbing equipment, training, PPE inspections and consulting. As well as supporting sport, climbing and outdoor events and activities in Kladno and around.


Without a doubt the biggest and best company making everything you might need for rope access as well as for your trips to mountains and rocks. Singing Rock in a main partner of the competition and has been a part of the competition from the beginning. From the staff of Singing Rock come our referees, which make sure that all contestants stay safe when completing the tasks.


Training centre for work at height. Polygon has two fully equipped centres - in Ponikla and in Kladno. It provides full servise for rope access.


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Lezecká stěna Kladno
Huťská, 272 01 Kladno
272 01 Kladno

telefon: +420 730 827 912

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